Ship Street Renewal

The roots of Hop Yuen (Holdings) Ltd were long and deep in Ship Street, Wanchai, dating back to when the area around was a fishing port, and where sailors normally docked and went to pray in a temple for peace of mind once they jumped on shore.

Mr. Tse Yiu Wah, marked the history book of the company not just as its founder, but also as a living symbol of diligence, perseverance and integrity to each and every member of his family. Migrating to Hong Kong in the early part of the 20th century, not with much luggage, but along with plenty of skills and passion as a carpenter, he moved on to establish himself as a reliable constructor and also the first-ever Chinese property agent conceded with the right to build properties as early as from 1914.

The story of the Tse family will not be complete without a recognition of the unfailing endeavors in lobbying for an ultimate decision to retain the four-storey structure at No. 18 Ship Street, even if it was standing in the way of a notable district redevelopment plan announced in 2002. It was one of the three built by Mr. Tse Yiu Wah, whilst the other two were sitting at No.6 and No.12 Ship Street.

It was a passionate desire backed by deep-rooted family sentiments that had driven the lobbying efforts so hard and for so long that in hindsight it still seemed an experience of yesterday, despite the decades in between. Today the building standing proudly at No.18 Ship Street has not only ingrained in its fabrics the living memories of the Tse family, from generation to generation, it has also been a standing testament to the conservation of heritage value that has lived and grown with Hong Kong.