Contemporary Home Services

Operating alongside Contemporary Design House is Contemporary Home Services Centre, an arm of business in Hop Yuen (Holdings) limited that seeks to help save you either the domestic maintenance hassles that you wish could have gone yesterday or those statutory maintenance compliance issues that will keep you worried even in your dreams. .

In response to the stepping up of regulatory control and requirements over minor works, e.g. the Mandatory Window Inspection Scheme (MWIS) and the Mandatory Building Inspection Scheme (MBIS), we have geared up resources in meeting compliance demands arising from the domestic front and the community at large.

As household customers, in general, may be less up to speed than market players in staying abreast of useful information issued by the authority, e.g. Building Department, we have tried to help and facilitate access to such information via this hyperlink:

Being customer-oriented and more transparent in the sharing of useful and relevant information will pay off a dividend in terms of cost efficiency and sense of accomplishment.

It would be hard to specify the range of services that we can provide, as it covers a scope as diverse as “you name it, we provide it”. What we have in mind is simple – we are just a call away to provide a solution to your domestic maintenance matters that may have kept you remote to the comfort and convenience you deserve once in a place you call it home.