Hop Yuen Building Materials Limited

Located at 210 Jaffe Road, Wanchai is a shop representative of the retail aspect of Hop Yuen (Holdings) Limited business. Running a retail-oriented business is different to managing contracts in construction engineering or facility maintenance, as it is faster in pace, higher in volume turnovers, and with a much wider interaction with people possibly from all walks of life.

Determined to manage the challenges from customer dimension, we have been running the shop with mindsets opened up to accommodate customers’ needs, with a clear focus to offer convenience as a way to help avoid the hassles of shuttling in busy city traffic. We have also poised our shop as the start and part of a turnkey solution to, say, renovation or refurbishment, if and when you are prepared and willing to capitalize on the broad range of our business, taking into consideration the services of Contemporary Design House, Contemporary Home Services, or Don Specialist Engineering (F.E.) Limited, when you are drawing up your shopping list.

Building materials quality is of central importance to fulfill customers’ needs either at the point of sale or over the longer term when maintainability and reliability are factored into a user’s satisfaction index equation. We are selective in sourcing and procuring building materials that are accredited by independent and acknowledged bodies. As a group of companies with registered status as minor works contractor, general building contractor, specialist contractor and in heritage conservation, we are particularly aware of and good at both the knowledge and application of construction chemicals. In a right mix with advanced technology, it will enhance the sustainability of asset conditions and protract the life span of an otherwise under-managed structure.

You are welcomed to come along and fetch either a catalogue or talk to our shop personnel and leave with useful information that you might have otherwise missed.