Contemporary Design House

Bred from a concept of contemporary design over the interiors of the prestigious property assets that sit over many of the stations in the MTR network, experience and time have proven the value of such approach in terms of its fit for purpose, cost efficiency and consumer and household convenience. Over the years we have moved on in a direction that seeks to offer an integrated, all-round services and solutions to potential customers, on taking stock of our capacity in managing electrical and mechanical works, in installations as well as renewal and repair.

Operating alongside Contemporary Home Services is Contemporary Design House, an arm of business in Hop Yuen (holdings) Limited that adds value right from the front end to inspire your design potential, or help pick and choose value-for-money building materials that are fit for purpose, and through to the phases up next, as work goes to site level.

As household customers, in general, may be less up to speed than market players in staying abreast of useful information issued by the authority, e.g. Building Department, we have tried to help and facilitate access to such information via this hyperlink: .

Being customer-oriented and more transparent in the sharing of useful and relevant information will pay off a dividend in terms of cost efficiency and sense of accomplishments. We will keep trying our very best to uphold our services to be a good partner of your choice.