Hop Yuen (Holdings) Limited keeps its door open to the young and inexperienced, as well as the mature and veteran, as long as you are willing to embark on a career journey in the industry, particularly railway engineering, and sector such as property management in a modest capacity. We believe in our commitments and capabilities to train and gear you up, if you are prepared to match and respond to them with your positive and unreserved support to the common goal of nurturing and sustaining a work environment conducive to personal development and business growth.

Assistant Project Manager

In much of a lead role, you have a primary responsibility of ensuring that contractual obligations are satisfactorily discharged, and that adequate measures are planned and taken in time to avoid and mitigate potential risks associated with cost overruns, compromises on statutory requirements, as well as standards and specifications under managed contracts.

In collaboration with Site Supervisor, you will play a shared role in running an operationally effective site-based team to ensure the delivered results from subcontractors are on time, within budget and no worse than the required standards or specifications.

Safety is another area of importance. You will need to work closely with the in-house safety management team to facilitate statutory compliance in different aspects of works, with emphasis on an efficient integration with respective programmed milestones.

Another significant dimension will engage much of your insight and industry experience in anticipating and managing risks at a higher and broader level, and  work on them to recommend to the Project Manager practical solutions to dilute and resolve them.

Stakeholder management responsibility will see you in action with clients, professional parties and relevant government departments seeking to accomplish satisfactory end results, whilst  sustaining and improving the brand of our company as a preferred partner of work.

As a minimum, you should be qualified to Advanced Diploma level with a background of diverse construction industry experience of around 5 years, bulit up from completed works of quality. Being dilpomatic and sensitive in interactions with stakeholders will be as important as a positive, can-do attitude.

Interested parties please send your CV to call Ms. Claudia Lee at 2368 0383


Engineering Assistant

In anticipation of growing business activities, we are looking for a number of young people to fit into our group of companies as Engineering Assistant.

This is a role with a balance of emphasis in on-the-job training and hands-on industry experience.

In essence, you will be engaged in a range of tasks typically arising in a project cycle starting from project planning through to on-site implementation, and handover of completed works to client.

The exposure you will gain covers not only the engineering aspect, but will also emcompass financial and contractual dimensions, and other essentials that translate clients’ requirements into finished and commissioned works of quality.

As a minimum, you should be qualified to an Advanced Diploma level in relevant engineering disciplines such as civil, structural or building studies.

A good and positive attitude comes ahead of previous experience in the industry.  Fresh graduates are thus most welcome to apply.

Interested parties please send your CV to call Ms. Claudia Lee at 2368 0383


For Secondary School or DSE level leavers

Under respective service contracts with MTR and other esteemed client companies, our company has been playing a key role in supply chains to deliver both requisite and value-adding services. Currently there are quite a number of openings in areas such as railway engineering and property management.

It will be a good opportunity to try and start an important first step in exploring areas that you may never have put your hands on before. Knowing where you are from, all we want to solicit is your positive attitude to learning and taking up what we have got ready for you in a responsible manner.

Our company has established facilities to provide technical training under the guidance of relevant trade veterans. In areas where external institutions are better training choices, we have policies in place to support those who are interested. If you are engaged in railway engineering, you will also have a parallel opportunity to take part in railway safety training and those prescribed by MTR to assure compliance with its uncompromising standards on railway operations.

For the Mature Semi-Skilled and Veterans

Our company will seek to match your skills sets with opportunities, real or potential, in areas such as concrete repair, welding, mechanical, electrical or fire engineering, as well as water-proofing and facility maintenance.

The range of trade experience we are looking for is wide. It could be as short as just a few months or decades of years. Our company is an equal opportunity employer and are interested in recycling and rejuvenating retirees for gainful employment with us.

If you are interested in our job prospect, please don’t hesitate and dial 31186178.