Management Systems

Hop Yuen (Holdings) Limited has formulated and consistently implemented people-oriented policy measures in managing human resources, safety, quality, and environmental protection, as we consider all to be of pivotal significance to the business of its group of companies, its employees, relevant business stakeholders and the community we are operating in.

The leadership of the company aspires to create impact and realize results through driving the essence of strategic imperatives in:

Human Resources

We recognize individual differences as potential strength and thus we recruit for attitude and train for skills. Our relentless effort in nurturing and sustaining a work culture that values teamwork, motivates hard work and perseverance, and cares about the well-being of our employees, work partners and other stakeholders will poise us a step ahead.


Safety of our employees, work partners and members of the general public is at the heart of everything we do. It is an absolute pre-requisite to which we will never compromise for anything in exchange.

Whilst we emphasize the significance that safety is everyone’s responsibility, we understand that management has to take the lead in driving it through and forward, on the back of adequate resources support and a dynamic and responsive management culture.


Doing things right the first time and every time will always be the ultimate goal to reach. However, we acknowledge facts of work lives and how it would impact on work quality.

The leadership of the company takes proactive arrangements in assuring quality at ground zero, e.g. by posting only the trained and qualified to meet job demands, by reviewing regularly practices for potential improvements in the advent of technology and only implementing changes when our employees have been adequately trained and if necessary, licensed, etc.

Environmental Protection

We acknowledge the potential impact of our business presence in environment in general and will never be shy in identifying and implementing measures to mitigate, if not eliminate, such impact.

We take responding positively to relevant statues on environmental protection as the basic requirements, as we have kept searching for and applying best practices in our business operations, ranging from sourcing and procuring environmentally-friendly building materials through accredited sources of supply, right down to strict applications of house rules on environmental protection at site levels.