Hop Yuen Construction Limited

Hop Yuen Construction Limited is where you can turn to for professional advice in sampling and procuring accredited building materials through to its installation at a place of your choice, from the inception of conceptual design, a phase that our in-house professional design team will walk through with you to not just releasing your design potential, but also facilitating a seamless match between designs and purposes.

Established since 1997, we have strived to establish ourselves as a construction company with an active engagement in Building and Civil Engineering works, Alteration and Addition works, Demolition works, Specialist Waterproofing works, Structural Concrete Repair works, Renovation and Maintenance as well as Rejuvenation works. The Company is not only a Registered General Building Contractor, but also a Registered Specialist Contractor in the Demolition category under the Buildings Ordinance, as well as a Specialist Contractor for Public Works (Specialist List) in repair and restoration of historic building, and a Registered Minor Works Contractor.

Listed below is a list of the registered status currently held by the Company:

  1. AMO = Antiquities and Monuments Office ( AMO )
    Specialist Contractors for Public Works ( Specialist List )
    ( Repair and Restoration of Historic Building )

    Website : http://www.devb.gov.hk
    Issued on 17/11/2009.

    ASD = Architectural Services Department
    Specialist Contractors for Public Works ( Specialist List )
    ( Repair and Restoration of Historic Building )

  2. Registered Minor Works Contractor (Company)

    Registration No.: MWC 2346/2011

    Type(s) Class(es)
    A (Alteration and Addition Works) I,II & III
    B (Repair Works) I,II & III
    D (Drainage Works) I,II & III
    E (Works relating to structures for Amenities) I,II & III
    G (Demolition Works) I,II & III

    Mandatory Window Inspection Scheme ( MWIS )

    To provide Qualified Person (QP) for prescribed inspection and prescribed repair of windows

    Mandatory Building Inspection Scheme ( MBIS )

    To provide prescribed repair works according to inspection reports on such as
    a) External elements;
    b) Structural elements
    c) Fire safety elements;
    d) Identification of unauthorized building works ( UBWs )

  3. General Building Contractor
    Registration No.: GBC104/2000

    1. A&A Works
    2. Fire Safety Improvement Works
    3. Notices Issued by Building Department

  4. Specialist Contractor
    ( SC (D) 17/2001)
    Demolition Works

Being customer-oriented and more transparent in the sharing of useful and relevant information will pay off a dividend in terms of cost efficiency and sense of accomplishment. We have thus tried to help and facilitate access to such information via this hyperlink: http://www.bd.gov.hk/chineseT/whats.html

Through this link Job Reference , you may access details of the notable jobs completed by the Company over the years.