Technical Training Facilities

Situated in Kowloon Bay is this training establishment, where the relatively green hands have unparalleled opportunities in not only better appreciating practices in trades such as mortar and bricks, permanent way, and other aspects of civil work, as well as electrical installation and testing, along with mechanical fitting and assembly, but also putting their hands, under the guide of veteran mentors, to realize what it is all about. We take this as a serious commitment to assuring the quality of manpower supply to our clients, always as a value-adding partner in a supply chain. Over time, we have developed and run a licensing system as a management input in grading and assessing skills sets, as well as training or re-training in a continuous improvement mandate.

Cost and yields are central among the factors of consideration before making business decisions. The company’s training assets and the brains in there will combine to offer a promising prospect of synergy in in-house training cost in clients’ accounting books. It will in turn enhance competitive edge at a time profit margin and market share consistently emerge as topics of stakeholders’ interests.

Years on, we have home-grown, or de-learn and re-train skills that are of relevance and value to clients’ demands. Among the many of them were those who were either fresh from school studies or those who chose to change their career directions and came forward to join us with a serious and responsive attitude.