Flexible Manpower Supply

Flexible Manpower as Cost-Effective Solution

Hop Yuen Construction Company (HYCC) has been providing a flexible manpower supply solution to address the demands for technical competent persons and skilled workers of various disciplines in track-work, civil engineering, building maintenance, as well as electrical and mechanical engineering, by MTR Corporation and other players in the industry as its customers. The scope and complexity of services engaged ever since inception have both grown through the buildup of confidence over the quality of work done by HYCC teams in different moments of truth.

The term workers we have been deploying to MTR Corporation and other work partners are in HYCC’s payroll. Whilst this is known not as an usual employment practice in the construction/maintenance industry, it will add value to the manpower demand side because of better management control and stronger work commitments from the supply side.

HYCC has kept improving recruitment of and skills training to term workers. Through intensive and comprehensive training, new recruits can understand what their jobs are about, and what are expected of them, from HYCC as their employers and MTR Corporation and other work partners as HYCC’s customers. Seeking to better ensure the quality of our term workers, we conduct our own in-house skill training and skill licensing assessments, and aptitude tests on their safety awareness and attitude to meet the safety requirements prescribed by MTR Corporation, as an example.